Enthusiasm, spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, combined with a strong sense of family unity have therefore characterized the life of our company for over 80 years and together with the great experience gained are the foundations of the success. The arrival of the third generation, proud of what has been achieved by its fathers and wishing to make available its skills and commitment, is certainly a new impulse to continue on the path so far traveled in the hope of reaching even more coveted goals.

The purchase of logs for physiological reasons takes place during the period from October to May; our main supply markets are France, United Kingdom, Croatia and Eastern European countries, followed by Italy and United States of America.

This is a fundamental phase that requires experience and great ability to evaluate, as well as the ability to predict which and how much material can be obtained from a particular purchase. It is here that the solidity of the whole activity is built and only those who have always assumed this responsibility within our Company are able to carry it out and transmit it. The veneer, on the other hand, comes mainly from the United States of America.

As far as processing is concerned, the purchased logs are transported by sea or by road to the veneer mill for processing sub-contracted third parties (which for our company is to be considered as a finished product). The process of transformation of logs is characterized in a series of successive phases, all followed and scrupulously controlled by a member of the family and by qualified personnel, in order to obtain the highest yield are transferred to our warehouses for storage, carefully selected for quality, length and size and finally made available to customers.

The sale of our veneers takes place both on the domestic and international markets, with Germany, France, Spain, the United States, the Middle and Far East as preferential customers and reaches a wide range of wood users, from major furniture manufacturers, retailers, panel makers up to the smallest furniture artisans. The sales activity is personally followed by the owners who have always and with great care have focused on the personal relationship with customers, whatever the size and the great willingness to understand and meet every need.